Constitution For FISC (Fylde Independent Supporters Club)


1. Name

  • The name of the club shall be the AFC Fylde Independent Supporters Club

2. Aim

  • The aims and objectives of the Club shall be:

(a) to support and encourage AFC Fylde Football Club

(b) to promote the interest of AFC Fylde Supporters around the world and AFC Fylde

(c) to foster sportsmanship, social intercourse and friendly competition between our own members and supporters of other Football Clubs.

(d) To be the voice of FISC (AFC Fylde Independent Supporters Club)

(e) To encourage younger participation of younger members within FISC

(f) To encourage links between players & supporters

(g) To organise social events, competitions & fundraising to further the aims of FISC & AFC Fylde Football Club

3. Administration

(a) The Committee shall be the governing body of the Club and shall consist of a Chairman or joint Chairman, who may seek re-election twice only [2], Secretary and Treasurer and no more than nine

[1] other members. The Committee shall be elected each year at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

(b) Should a vacancy occur on the Committee, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member of the Supporters Club for the remainder of the year.

(c) The Committee shall meet as and when necessary but during the football season not less than once every two months. The details of such meetings will be notified in advance by the Secretary to all Committee members. The minutes of any meetings will be made available to any member upon request.

 (d) Should any Committee member not attend three consecutive meetings without due cause, then the Committee shall have the power to expel that member from office for the remainder of that year. Poor health & personal reasons will be taken into account with regards to this.

(e) In addition to the aforementioned posts, the Committee shall also have the power to appoint from time to time as required, a President, Vice-Presidents and Honorary Life Members. Such appointed members, although having the right to attend any general or Committee meeting, shall have no voting rights at such a meeting.

(f) The AGM shall be held at a place and date to be determined by the Committee. The Secretary shall give notice of the AGM at least twenty-one days in advance to all members. Motions shall be sent to the Secretary at least twenty-one days in advance of the AGM to enable any rule-change motions to be sent to the entire membership. The annual yearly AGM will be no later than the end of June each year.

4. Finance

(a) The Treasurer shall maintain on behalf of the club a main account, online banking and a bank card in respect of which shall be signed by the Treasurer and Chairman (IF)

(b) In addition to the above, the Treasurer, when requested to do so by the Committee, will also open and maintain any other deposit or building society account for the benefit of the club.

(c) Any other accounts shall be opened by the express permission of the Committee and shall be the responsibility of a nominated member who will be answerable to the Treasurer.

(d) The Treasurer shall prepare an income and expenditure report for presentation to the membership at the AGM.

(e) The subscription to the club shall be reviewed at the AGM and rates set for full, family and concessionary membership.

(f) The books of the club shall be available for inspection by any member providing that at least fourteen day’s notice in writing is given to the Treasurer.

(g) Upon dissolution of the club, all monies and assets still held will be assigned to the trust of FISC until such time as a new club is constitutionally restructured.

5. Membership & General

(a) Membership of the club shall be open to anyone who lives in the UK but this does not preclude continuing membership for members who subsequently move. Membership shall be renewed annually from 1 August.

(b) No person shall be accepted into membership of the club until they have read and agreed to abide by the constitution and travel rules.

(c) All members, including family members, shall be entitled to one vote at the AGM with the exception of junior members, i.e. those persons under sixteen years of age on 1 August of that year.

The Chairman may exercise a casting vote.

(d) The Committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel from the membership any member who infringes any rule or whose conduct renders him or her unfit for membership. A member shall have the right of appeal, in person, against any such decision by the Committee.

(e) An Extraordinary committee meeting may be called at the request of no less than five members by giving notice in writing to the Secretary of at least one month.

(f) The constitution and rules of the club may be changed only at a General Meeting and by a two-thirds majority of those member’s present. The minimum number of members present at an AGM to constitute a quorum will be fifteen.

(g) The club shall recognise long and meritorious service to the club by any of its members by presenting an award at the AGM to the member, selected by the Committee and agreed both by the member concerned and by the membership

(h) The AGM of the meeting shall be held every calendar year to transact the business. To receive & approve, adopt an annual report of supporters club activities for the previous year

(i) To receive & improve club finances from the previous financial year. The club shall also appoint and sanction the appointment of the committee.

(j) To deal with any other matters that may arise from members or the committee.

(k) FISC is administratively and financially independent of the Football Club.

(l) The Committee shall represent the interests of the members by means of meetings with the

Chairman of the AFC Fylde Football Club & any other representative of AFC Fylde Football Club.

Results will be reported back to members at meetings.